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Air traffic is one of the safest means of transportation according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) but when an accident occurs, the risk of fatality is high. Aviation accidents are more common than you may think because many smaller aviation accidents remain unreported in the media. Phillips Law Firm has helped families with their wrongful death and personal injury aviation claims.

The most common reasons for aviation accidents including both carrier and general aviation include:

Pilot Error

Over 50% of all aviation accidents are from human error, including fatigue from lack of sleep, miscommunication and overcorrection of flight technique errors.

Mechanical Error

If an underlying mechanical problem goes undetected this can result in mid-flight mechanical trouble, creating high risk for a tragic airplane accident.

Federal Aviation Administration Regulation Violation

In some cases pilot substance abuse and mental illness goes undetected and contributes to pilot error, resulting in an airplane accident.

Negligence of Federal Air Traffic Controllers

30% of all accidents occur during takeoff or landing. Air traffic controllers are in charge of regulating high levels of traffic at airports to avoid these collisions. Unfortunately in some cases aviation traffic is misdirected, resulting in airplane accidents on the runway.

Negligence of Flight Service Station Employees

If a passenger’s behavior is disruptive to the safety of the crew or others in flight it is crucial that airline properly deals with the unruly passenger to protect the safety of all aboard the plane.


Icy, windy and other extreme weather conditions pose a threat to the proper functionality of aviation equipment. It is important that a carrier recognizes when it is too dangerous to fly, cancelling or delaying a flight until ideal conditions arise for your protection.

Two federal agencies regulate all air travel and investigate all airplane accidents in the United States: The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA’s responsibilities include setting safety standards for flight operation, pilot conduct and aircraft manufacturer regulations. The NTSB investigates all accidents and then recommends safety standards to prevent future accidents.

Either the plane manufacturer or maintenance suppliers may be found liable for an accident. If an aircraft failed to meet industry standards including aircraft, engineering or other regulatory issues and an accident occurred, you may be entitled to compensation.

When filing an aviation claim it is important to choose an experienced attorney that has a detailed understand of aircraft function, safety, FAA regulations and rules regarding aviation litigation. Aviation litigation can involve state, federal and potentially international law requiring an attorney who is proficient in multiple complex legal areas such as our attorneys at Phillips Law Firm. Pilots, airline maintenance providers, manufacturers, major airlines and in some cases the government can be subject to negligence claims after an aviation accident. We work for you, investigating every aspect of your accident while striving to get you fair and just compensation.

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