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Construction Accidents

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Phillips Law Firm Can Handle Your Construction Injury Accident Claim

At Phillips Law Firm our attorneys are experienced in OSHA regulations and specifications of the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA). Construction work can be physically demanding, dangerous and safety conditions are often overlooked on the site. Even small injuries such as sprains and broken bones can be detrimental for a construction worker. The healing process can be long, painful, and the ability to continue working may be lost.

Your family’s livelihood depends on your income and at Phillips Law we are dedicated to getting you the justice and compensation you deserve. Medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering can leave you feeling depressed and hopeless, but many times we can help.

We handle construction accident cases of all types. Whether you are a roofer, carpenter, electrician, plumber, laborer or other craft worker we are proficient in construction law and leave no stone unturned in our fight for the justice you deserve.

Here are some of the most common reasons for construction accidents in Washington State:

Ignored construction safety policies

It is important for an employer to have a safety policy implemented and followed during all phases of construction, from foundation to finish. In some cases a rush for completed production causes employers to ignore safety regulations in order to complete a job faster, putting an employee at risk for injury.

Construction Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traffic accidents are the number one cause of death for American workers on the clock. Traffic accidents are not limited only to cars but apply to trucks, cranes, tractors and other vehicles operated while on a construction site. Construction workers are at high risk for pedestrian accidents, being struck by passing vehicles or falling into ditches.

Improper Safety Training for Construction Site

Employees should be properly trained regarding daily operation safety on construction sites and emergency procedures.

Falling on the Construction Site

Safety harnesses may not always protect an employee from a serious fall. A few of the top reasons for construction injuries include falling from an unsafe height in a construction zone, and lack of proper safety constraint. Injuries from a fall can include broken bones, back, spinal and brain injuries, even wrongful death. In some cases a safety rail could have prevented these falls.

Defective Construction Equipment

If you become pinched, crushed or trapped under machinery serious injury can occur, in some cases including amputation. Forklifts, wood chippers and augers are common machinery items posing a risk for amputation. In other cases a hydraulic lift can be defective causing hundreds of pounds of equipment to fall, possibility on top of an employee, causing life-threatening injuries.

Improper Construction Equipment Storage

On construction sites equipment and other tools are sometimes left out in the open, posing a risk for the employer to trip and fall. In more serious cases an employer’s failure to perform a scaffolding safety audit can result in a scaffold collapse and serious injury to the employee.

It is our job to asses all injuries, medical bills (surgeries, medications, etc.), physical pain, mental suffering and lost income after an accident. While we realize that no amount of monetary justice can replace your loss, we can help you recover money from insurance companies to compensate you. You are an innocent injured party and we are here to help you handle the insurance companies so you can focus on getting your life back.

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