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Train accidents cause 2,500 injuries and 600 deaths annually. About once an hour a person or vehicle is involved in a train accident resulting in serious injury to the victims involved. The unavoidable truth is that when freight trains traveling with thousands of pounds of cargo at high speeds collide with a stationary vehicle the results can be fatal.

Train types in the Pacific Northwest:

Freight Train – These trains carry large amounts of heavy cargo with a speed limit of 80 mph resulting in a stopping distance of up to one mile.

Passenger Train (Amtrak) – Trains which carry commuters or passengers with a speed limit of 90 mph, ideal for cross-country travel. Amtrak routes in the Pacific Northwest include the Amtrak Cascades, Coast Starlight, and Empire Builder.

Sounder Train – A commuter train which serves as transportation between Tacoma and Seattle with multiple stops along the way.

Monorail – A monorail system with services to various tourist sites in Seattle including the Seattle Center, Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, Experience Music Project, Key Arena, and the Children’s Museum.

Link Light Rail – Central Link and Tacoma Link are light rail options traveling passengers. With services in downtown Tacoma and Seattle these rails are convenient for airport transportation or downtown travel.

Subway System -Washington State residents are collaborating in an effort to enroll this non-existent system in Seattle. If you would like to contribute this effort, please visit this Facebook page to learn more.

More than 50% of all deadly train accidents occur from poorly marked train crossing areas. Often victims are taken by surprise because they were not aware they were in a train crossing area. The victim then does not have enough time to evade the situation and the freight train driver does not have enough time to stop resulting in an accident.

Other types of train accidents or railroad accidents resulting in injury:

  • Derailment
  • A train accident colliding with a vehicle
  • A train accident colliding with another train
  • A train accident colliding with a pedestrian

Contributions to a train accidents or railroad accidents:

Mechanical Failure – Faulty breaking mechanisms, poor maintenance or mechanical malfunction.

Heavy Cargo – Failure to abide by government cargo weight regulations decreases the ability for a train to successfully stop when attempting to avoid a collision.

Conductor Error – Fatigue, intoxication, failure to sound a warning horn or other human error can contribute to an accident.

Poorly Marked Crossings – Automotives unknowingly fall in the line of danger when a train crossing area is not properly marked.

Poorly Maintained Tracks or Lights – Properly maintained railroad tracks, crossing gates and lights are imperative for public safety.

Approximately 1,000 people die in train accidents each year. In addition chemical spills occur biweekly as a result of train accidents. Chemical spills can range from minor cleanup to major cleanup requiring the evacuation of local residents.

As train accidents can result in serious injury, permanent disability or death it is extremely important to hire an experienced attorney who can help you recover compensation for the damages, pain and suffering you have endured. If you have lost a loved one from a train accident please visit our wrongful death page for more specific information on how Phillips Law Firm can help you.

Train / Railroad Accident Statistics:

  • Every 90 minutes a train collision or derailment occurs.
  • In 2011 there were 106 accidents involving passenger trains.
  • Hazardous cargo derailments occur approximately every 2 weeks in the United States.
  • 2,086 persons were evacuated from their homes because of chemical spill after a train collision.
  • According to the Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration, approximately 80% of railroad crossings do not have adequate warning signs or devices.
  • While train and vehicle collisions have decreased over the past few years, pedestrian accidents involving trains have increased.

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