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Deafness can happen very easily during a car accident or work place accident. When you lose your hearing, your ability to communicate the way you had previously and the way you interact with your environment changes considerably. Not only that, music and other forms of entertainment are stolen from you. The experienced lawyers at Phillips Law Firm will help you seek proper compensation for your deafness injury.

What Causes Hearing Loss or Deafness?

  • Loud Noise Auto accidents are very loud. The vibration from the sound can injure the ear drum as such that it causes permanent damage.
  • Sustained Decibel Levels This is found in many work areas with industrial machinery. If the company doesn’t have proper procedures and equipment in place, constant exposure to high decibel levels could cause permanent hearing loss.
  • Ear Drum Injury During a car accident, particularly a rollover accident, debris flies everywhere and some of it is sharp. Some of this debris has a chance to damage the inner ear.
  • Cochlear Injury Cochlea is a spiral structure containing cilia (hair-like structures) in the inner ear that are connected to the auditory nerve. Damage to this sensitive organ can happen during a head injury, a loud noise, or sustained high decibel levels.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) The auditory cortex in the brain can be damaged in car accidents, falling injuries, and other serious blunt for injuries that cause damage to the brain.

What Are Types of Hearing Loss?

  • Conductive Hearing Loss This type of hearing loss is a reduction in the ability to hear faint or subtle sounds. In most cases this can be corrected surgically, however, it is expensive.
  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL) This is the most common type of cochlear damage. The cochlea are damaged beyond repair resulting in permanent and total hearing loss that is not able to be surgically corrected.
  • Mixed Hearing Loss A combination between conductive hearing loss and SNHL. The car accident or workplace accident has damaged the outer, middle, and the inner ear (cochlea or auditory nerve). Results of hearing loss vary and ability to correct surgically also vary.

We will seek compensation on your deafness or hearing loss for:

  • Medical costs – Emergency, hospital, and fees.
  • Ongoing medical costs – Physical and mental therapy, pharmaceuticals, and speech therapy.
  • Loss of income – Lost wages and potential income.
  • Pain and suffering – We seek general damages and special damages.
  • Lost quality of life – Due to permanent personal injury or other factors.

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