DePuy ASR Hip Implant Recalled


12-13% failure rate. Phillips Law Firm can help

Complications from DePuy ASR hip implants include severe pain, swelling, inflammation and loss of mobility. The resolution to correcting a defective hip implant is revisional surgery. Unfortunately, patients needing a surgical revision for their implant often find the recovery to be painful. Researchers have posed the question of whether DePuy ASR metal hip implants are linked to increased cancer risk, however the answer is not definitive at this time. This question arises from the fact that properly functioning DePuy hip implants contain metal components that rub together, with the risk that small particles of metal could flake from the implant into the body, potentially leading to an increase of metal ions in the blood. Metallosis (the buildup of metallic debris in the soft tissue) has been linked to the heart condition cardiomyopathy, also known as “the heart muscle disease”. Hip replacements affect persons of all ages. It is a false assumption that hip replacements are only necessary for the elderly. Statistics show that there are a rising number of injury cases in young athletes that later require hip replacement. While hip replacements are common over a wide range of ages, research shows that correctional surgery is more dangerous in older patients because of higher risk of adverse reactions to anesthesia.

Various types of hip injuries can contribute to the need for a hip replacement:

Hip Burstis – A problem of pain and inflammation over the outside of the hip and thigh area. Broken Hip – About 300,000 Americans sustain a hip fracture every year. Athletic accidents and slip and falls are common reasons for this injury occurrence. Hip Pointer – A bone bruise or possible fracture. This type of injury can occur from a football tackle or a scenario causing direct impact to the hip. Hip Stress Fracture – An injury often seen in runners from repetitive movement causing fracture displacement. Labral Tear of the Hip Joint – When the labrum (the ring of cartilage around the ball-and-socket) is torn surgical intervention is sometimes necessary. Snapping Hip Syndrome – This type of chronic hip pain can be bothersome. Please visit this page for more information on how Snapping Hip Syndrome can occur.Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome – Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint. Hip Osteonecrosis – Also known as avascular necrosis, this is a condition in which disruption of the blood supply to the hip can occur. Without proper blood circulation the bone can collapse. The ASR hip lawsuits are currently consolidated into a federal multidistrict litigation (MDL.) Experts have predicted the first federal trials could begin as soon as March 2013. As more victims are coming forward with injury claims the number of lawsuits is expected to grow. Phillips Law Firm represents victims of defective hip replacement products nationally. If you are curious as to the results of other victims’ cases you can check updates here.

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