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Accidents FAQ

Legal Questions & Answers About Car Accidents

I’ve just been in a car accident. What do I do now?

Make sure that you and any others involved in the accident are safe. File a police report after your car accident and make sure to have a copy. If property damage exceeds $200, a report should be filed.

What do you need from me to file a claim?

Obtain as much information as possible about the vehicles involved in your accident. You will need the driver’s name, address, license plate number and their insurance company information. If you have a claim number available that will be helpful in your case.

When should I seek medical help?

It is a good idea to seek the medical attention you need immediately, at minimum get a thorough examination. Insurance adjusters may try to lower your claim by reasoning that you must have not been injured because you did not seek immediate medical help. Make sure to promptly attend all these medical appointments because your credibility is at stake if you miss them.

What can I do to help my attorney?

Record your daily activities for the first few weeks (defined as physical, emotional, recreational and social activities) in addition to any inconveniences you may have experienced while conducting them. Did you miss church? Did you have to stop working out? Are you unable to go grocery shopping? Are you unable to be social with friends and family because you cannot sit or stand for long periods of time? Accidents can cause stress and anxiety causing a difficulty in remembering crucial facts. It is best to write down information immediately so important facts are not missed. Our attorneys will want to review your journal with you because in representing you, so we have a clear understand of what you experienced.

My accident has limited my mobility. Can you send someone to me?

Yes. Call us at 1-800-708-6000 to schedule an appointment to have one of our legal professionals meet with you regarding your case.

How much is my auto accident claim worth?

Every case is unique so this will need to be discussed with your attorney. Each claim value takes into consideration:

  • Medical expenses
  • Wage loss
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering in the past (past pain and suffering is define as pain and suffering up to the date of the resolution or trial)
  • Prospective pain and suffering in the future (an example future suffering is someone who becomes a paraplegic as the result of their accident and may never work again and have ongoing medical expenses)


The insurance companies are asking me to sign paperwork, what do I do?

Do not sign anything until you have spoken with us, we will help you with this part. If you sign any documents you may have signed away your rights to your claim so it is crucial you hold off on signing.

Do I need pictures of the accident?

Photo evidence is crucial in building your case. If it is safe to take pictures of your accident and please do so. Make sure to take pictures of vehicles, debris from the accident, skid marks, surrounding areas and injuries. In some instances accident victims do not have a camera on them or they are unable to take photographs. If this is the case for you, check with your accident witnesses to see if they were able to obtain a photo. Continue to take photographs of your injuries even after the initial accident is over.

What do I do with my witness information?

Save the names, phone numbers and addresses of any and all witnesses. We will be contacting them to benefit your case. Witnesses are extremely beneficial in documenting your case.

I don’t have motorcycle insurance. Can I still file a claim for my motorcycle accident?

Yes. You will need to speak to one of our attorneys to conclude which variables you are eligible for.

My police report is wrong. What do I do?

Police are human beings susceptible to error, this can happen. Our attorneys will work with you in uncovering how your collision actually occurred and seek to clarify any inaccuracies.

I heard jurors have a prejudice against motorcycle riders, is this true?

This is a common perception. The reason why we are great at what we do is because we dedicate the time to fully examine each case detail and present your case in the best possible light. Our attorneys at Phillips Law Firm are dedicated to educating jurors to keep an open mind.

How long will it take for my case to settle?

This is dependent on the extent of your injuries. It is common practice to wait until treatment is complete so you can be compensated for the full extent of your injuries. As it is difficult to tell how long an injury may last, the case settlement time period is unique to every case.

How do I get started in my claim?

Call Phillips Law Firm at 1-800-708-6000, we have legal professionals waiting 24/7 to assist you in your claim. There is no need to be nervous in hiring an attorney for the first time. If you have any questions or concerns we will help answer them for you during your free case evaluation. We strive to get you the compensation and justice you deserve so let us handle your claim today.

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