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At Phillips Law Firm, we’ve seen too many people be taken advantage of by insurance companies and large corporations. It’s not fair, and our mission is to provide access to justice for those who need it.

We stand up for the rights of real people so they can get the justice, compensation and closure they deserve.

Our attorneys have more than 85 years of combined experience fighting for the legal rights of those in need.

When you hire us to take on your injury case, you will not only benefit from having an experienced attorney handle your claim, you will also have an entire legal team assigned to your case.

Phillips Law Firm’s Woodinville, Washington location serves clients on the eastside and north of Bothell. This office handles plaintiff personal injury, including car/truck/bus/motorcycle accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, employee rights, and defective drug and device claims.

Phillips Law Firm’s Seattle, Washington office is used primarily as a meeting office for our lawyers and clients in the Seattle area. Whether we are helping our clients with their injury, medical malpractice, workers compensation or any other type of claim, we use this office to best accommodate those clients in need. All meetings at our downtown Seattle location are by appointment only.

Phillips Law Firm’s Renton, Washington location is located directly off of 405 south and is the primary office for clients located in Renton, West Seattle, and the Kent/Auburn valley. In addition to handling all types of personal injury cases and medical negligence claims, our Renton office has a special emphasis on the processing of workers compensation, social security disability and employee rights.

More than $20 million

In a confidential settlement for a commercial injury case.

$19 million

Grant of coverage by insurance company after they refused to acknowledge coverage to a landowner in an environmental litigation matter.

$2 million

Bad faith insurance settlement where the insurance company denied benefits to an individual, forcing him to hire us to obtain benefits wrongfully denied.

$1.6 million+

To the family of a man killed in an automobile collision by a driver operating a vehicle despite a known medical condition.

Areas of Practice

A serious injury can change your life forever. At Phillips Law Firm, we can’t turn back the clock, but we do strive to get our clients justice and closure for the wrong that was inflicted upon them.

A serious injury from an accident can result in costly medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering. At Phillips Law Firm, our attorneys are dedicated to getting accident victims justice and fair compensation so they can get their lives back on track. Personal injury law is all we do, and we do it well.

People suffer serious personal injuries every day because of the carelessness or negligence of others. At Phillips Law Firm, we seek justice and fair compensation for our clients who have suffered a personal injury due to no fault of their own.

Catastrophic injuries or illnesses can happen suddenly and change your life forever. Victims of catastrophic injuries often experience permanent disability, significant suffering and reduced life expectancies. At Phillips Law Firm, our attorneys are highly experienced in the field of catastrophic injuries.

Worker’s compensation in Washington State is a complex system that often favors the employer. At Phillips Law Firm, we have a team of experienced advocates and worker’s compensation lawyers who will fight to get you the worker’s compensation benefits that you deserve, and the time you need to recover.

The loss of a loved one is one the most difficult things a person can endure. That loss is especially difficult to accept when it happens suddenly and is the fault of someone else. Though winning a wrongful death claim can never take the place of your loved one, it can provide a sense of justice being served and ease any financial struggles related to your loss.

We trust our medical care providers with our health and our lives. But when a health care provider makes a mistake or treats you in a manner below the acceptable standard of care, it can cause significant long-term health issues, increased medical expenses, decreased quality of life, and even shorter life expectancies.

Our Promise

At Phillips Law Firm, we fight for justice for real people.

We will leave no stone unturned to get you the compensation and closure that you deserve.



“I’m a triathlete and a firefighter, when this person hit me it completely changed my life. I knew I was going to need professional helps so I sought out Phillips Law Firm.”

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“After the accident I found out the other parties insurance wasn’t cooperating so I called Phillips Law Firm. They fought for me and they will fight for you.”

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“What I like about Phillips Law Firm is that they have a great team working on every case I’ve ever had. They are very experience and they are very aggressive to make sure there is justice for you.”

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“I tried to do it on my own but it just wasn’t getting any better. I filed a claim with Labor and Industries but I felt I was not being treated fairly so that’s when I called Phillips Law Firm.”

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“Knowing what I know now, I would always hire an attorney. I was just so pleased at the end; I got the results that I needed.”

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