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Bus Accidents

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Many bus accidents occur from driver negligence, with 15 out of every 19 accidents as a result of bus driver error. Washington State buses are in many cases exempt from seat belt regulations and have a higher fatality rate than car accidents because passengers are often not restrained by a seat belt at the time of impact. Traumatic brain injury and head injury are more likely to occur in bus accidents than car accidents.

Driver negligence is not the only cause of bus accidents. Operator error, mechanical failure and lack of seat belt regulations are often contributing variables. Various types of bus accidents include:

Metro Transit Bus Injury Accidents

King County Metro Transit and similar organizations are run in Tacoma, and Everett along with Pierce, Snohomish, and Spokane Counties. Transit bus accidents are primarily from brake failure, poor visibility (blind spots), electrical fires, door latch defects and undertrained bus drivers. On March 16, 2012 a 48 year old woman was killed as a result of a King County metro bus accident in which she was run over. Transit bus accidents examples include but are not limited to:
  • Metro Bus Accidents
  • Sound Transit Bus Accidents

Charter Bus Injury Accidents

Approximately 1,000 people a year are injured in inter-city and cross-country charter bus accidents. It is common for high schools to hire and require charter bus transportation for travel to and from sporting events. Charter bus accidents examples include but are not limited to:
  • Greyhound Bus Injury Accidents
  • Cross-Country Traveling Bus Injury Accidents
  • Inter-City Traveling Bus Injury Accidents

Tour Bus Injury Accidents

Carrying unsecured luggage and exempt from seatbelt regulations, these smaller buses are often used for tours, party shuttles and airport services. The leading cause of these accidents is the driver failing to react properly when confronted with a hazard requiring quick reaction time. Passengers are often times not wearing seat beats, standing or sleeping at the time of the accident and obtain serious injuries from the vehicle impact or sudden swerving to avoid an accident. Tour bus accident examples include but are not limited to:
  • Airport Shuttle Injury Accidents
  • Shuttle Bus Injury Accidents
  • Microsoft Connector Injury Accidents
  • Casino Shuttle Injury Accidents
  • Band Tour Bus Injury Accidents

School Bus Injury Accidents

School buses are exempt from seatbelt regulations in Washington State. Lack of seat belts in combination of misbehaving children, rainy weather and rush-hour traffic can be a recipe for a commuting disaster, resulting in injury of minors. School bus accident examples include but are not limited to:
  • School Bus Injury Accidents
  • Field Trip Bus Injury Accidents
  • After School Activity Bus Injury Accidents
  • Sporting Event Bus Injury Accidents

Passenger Van Injury Accidents

Vans that have approximately 15 seats do not require the same certifications as buses or tour vans. Operational errors are higher for passenger vans because of the lack of safety regulations and driver training. Additionally, fifteen person vans have a propensity to rollover easily and may have inadequate roof strength. Passenger van accident examples include but are not limited to:
  • Carpool Injury Accidents
  • VanShare Injury Accidents
  • VanPool Injury Accidents
  • 15 passenger vans rented for sports teams

How can Phillips Law Firm help you with your Bus / Van Accident?

At Phillips Law Firm we handle bus accident claims in Washington State. For many years we have been helping our clients get the compensation they deserve for their bus accidents. Our personal injury lawyers are honest, and dedicated to getting you the most value for your claim. We know what it takes to get you a fair and just settlement while working sensitively and efficiently. As bus accidents can leave serious or permanent disability, we want to help take care of your legal troubles as soon as possible so you can focus on healing. It is our job to asses all injuries, medical bills (surgeries, medications, etc.), physical pain, mental suffering and lost income after an accident. While we realize that no amount of monetary justice can replace your loss, we can help you recover money from insurance companies to compensate you. You are an innocent injured party and we are here to help you handle the insurance companies so you can focus on getting your life back.

Now that you’ve found us, your stress and anxiety from medical bills and wage loss can be easier to manage. Our Phillips Law Firm bus accident attorneys are dedicated in their understanding of insurance policies and provisions, bus regulations, and the need to have an investigator on the scene as soon as possible. We help our clients get the most for their injury claims because we are extremely proficient in this practice.

Recent Verdicts and Settlements for Automobile Accidents

$1.5 million(Policy limits.) For a wrongful death automobile accident where plaintiff was rear ended by defendant was traveling 68mph in a posted 30mph zone.
$1.5 million(Policy limits.) For a wrongful death automobile accident that occurred in Vancouver, Washington.
$1,000,000 Settlement for a young man hit by drunk driver.
$600,000Type: Multi-vehicle collision. Third-party limits apportioned between all claimants with our client receiving $600k.
$600,000For a herniated disc in a motor vehicle accident.
$500,000(Policy limits.) A young man was injured by the negligence of another in a motorcycle accident. The insurance company claimed to only have a $25,000 policy. After a year of searching, R. Glenn Phillips found a total of $500,000 of insurance to cover the young man’s injuries.
$500,000(Policy limits.) For a injury of a 7 year old hit by pick-up truck while crossing road to get to park.
$187,000Received by a woman who required a rotator cuff surgery following an automobile collision. Suffering an exacerbation of pre-existing chronic back pain and arthritis in the hands, our attorneys were still able to get justice for her.

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