Low Impact CollisionLow impact accidents are most commonly referred to as fender benders. These accidents occur at low rates of speed and usually only cause minor property damage. Yet contrary to what many insurance companies and motorists believe, they can still cause significant injury. Even worse, these injuries can go undetected for weeks and even months before finally being discovered. By then, accident victims may be in constant pain and facing a chronic disability.

The average automobile weighs about 2,000 pounds. An accident that occurs at just 10 mph will still result in an impact force of 3.7 tons. Those forces can significantly injure delicate tissue in the neck, back, and throughout the body. In rear-end accidents, whip-like motion often occurs to the neck, causing swelling and damage to the soft tissue—most commonly referred to as whiplash. If left untreated, whiplash can turn into a chronic condition, causing a lifetime of pain and suffering.

In particular, the elderly, small children, and occupants who are not wearing seat belts are at an increased risk for developing more serious injuries during a low impact accident. These accident victims can suffer fractures, strains, sprains, and even contusions. If their head hit the window, steering wheel, or other structure, they can even sustain a concussion.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies are suspicious of low impact accident victims who claim that they have suffered injuries. They may delay or deny claims or they may investigate you closely in an attempt to prove that you are uninjured. Documentation of your injuries, medical tests, and diagnoses are vital to winning your claim.

Proving that you have been injured in a low impact accident can be difficult, but not impossible. It will, however, take the resources of an experienced personal injury law firm. A car accident attorney may need to employ accident re-creation experts, forensic specialists, and medical professionals to win your case and obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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