In Washington State, those that are injured at work may file a claim to be eligible for workers’ compensation. Also referred to as L&I, workers’ compensation pays for medical care that is directly related to your workplace injury. Further, it may allow you to recover a portion of lost wages should you be unable to work due to injury.

While the details regarding workers’ compensation may vary based on your employer’s insurance status, if you are injured on the job in the State of Washington, know what you have rights. Also, know that your employer has some responsibilities that need to be addressed immediately.

Washington State Department of Labor & Industries outlines what your employer needs to do should you become injured at work[1]:

  • Make sure you receive prompt medical attention.
  • Complete the employer section of the accident report form.
  • Consider keeping you at work in a light-duty job, if medically approved. This can help maintain your salary, and speed your recovery while keeping claim costs down for them.

If you are injured at work, please be sure to get first aid, the medical attention of a doctor, and tell your employer about the incident as soon as possible. It may also be in your best interest to contact Washington State Department of Labor & Industries as well as a reputable attorney.