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Injury or trauma to the back or neck can cause debilitating pain even if the injury does not involve the nerves. As a back or neck injury can also lead to permanent disability, it will be very important to accurately determine the extent and cause of the incident.

Injury to the back or neck can commonly occur in job related accidents, slip and falls and motor vehicle accidents. When considering a claim for this type of injury, it is important to remember that symptoms may appear months or even years after the injury occurred. Back and neck injuries can be extremely difficult to treat and can significantly interfere with a victim’s ability to work, sleep, and perform regular daily activities.

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Back injuries are some of the most common and debilitating personal injuries. A large portion of people who suffer a serious back injury say that the problems persist and, depending on the severity, the injury can result in a life long struggle with chronic pain. The experienced lawyers at Phillips Law Firm will help you seek proper compensation for your back injury. Please contact us today if you or someone you loved has suffered a back injury. We are available 24/7 and consultations are always free.

Back Injuries in Washington State

What Are The Types of Back Injuries?

  • Slipped Discs
    Discs are a soft buffer between the vertebrae. Slipped discs (spondylolisthesis) are a common work injury among workers who sit for long periods at a computer as well as workers who do a lot of lifting. The disc bulges out towards the spinal cord through the circle of connective tissue causing serious pain and discomfort. A car accident or even sudden movement could also trigger this type of back injury.
  • Herniated Disk
    The disc ruptures and a portion of the spinal disc pushes outward. The nerves can become pinched causing tremendous pain when moved. This takes a long time to heal and can only be done with ample bed rest. It can also require specialized strength training depending on the vertebrae effected.
  • Lumbar Strain
    This is a twisting injury in the lower back where the ligaments tear or detach causing a tremendous amount of pain and immobility for a long period. This can require a tremendous amount of physical rehabilitation and may require surgery.
  • Sciatica
    Sciatica is injury to the lower back that effects the sciatic nerve, which is the main nerve from the spine that controls leg function and sensation. A sciatic nerve injury can cause temporary paralysis or loss of use of the legs and requires intensive physical therapy to recover.
  • Facet Joint Problems
    Vertebrae have three main points of movement: the intervertebral disc and the two facet joints. Vertebrae can fuse after an accident, eliminating the joint all together and seriously restricting range of motion.
  • Broken Bones
    Broken vertebrae is a broken back. The proper healing process is painful and uncomfortable as the victim wears a back brace and is restricted to bed rest. Doctors recommend that the victim discontinue potentially hazardous work activities for the remainder of their professional life.
  • Spinal Cord Injury
    The spinal cord is a giant nerve running the length of the spine. An injury to this nerve is a serious concern for all back injury patients as they wait for swelling that may be affecting the function of the spinal cord to subside. A back injury could very well reveal a more drastic problem. Please monitor your injury closely.

What Causes Back Injuries?

  • Workplace Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Falling Injuries
  • Lifting Injuries
  • Twisting Injuries
  • Repetitive Motion injuries
  • Rear-end Collisions

We will seek compensation on your back injury claim for:

  • Medical costs – Emergency, hospital, and fees.
  • Ongoing medical costs – Physical and mental therapy, pharmaceuticals, and speech therapy.
  • Loss of income – Lost wages and potential income.
  • Pain and suffering – We seek general damages and special damages.
  • Lost quality of life – Due to permanent personal injury or other factors.

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