Every decision reached by L&I regarding a worker’s compensation claim requires the use of judgment. If you do not agree with the decision, it may help to first speak with your claim manager; however, you may protest to L&I if you believe their decision was wrong. You may also appeal directly to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals without first protesting to L&I. You are not required to have an attorney for the protest or appeal; however, an experienced legal counsel could be beneficial during this complex process.

Protest to L&I

If you intend to protest to L&I, you must send it, in writing, within sixty days of receiving their decision. As clearly as you can, explain in detail why you believe the decision was unfair, and supply any additional information you think could assist them in their new evaluation. Your claim will be reviewed and L&I will send you a written decision in response to your protest. If you disagree with this decision you may appeal to the Board.

Appeal to the Board after Protest to L&I

Your appeal to the Board must be sent within sixty days of receiving L&I’s decision. Independently of L&I, the Board conducts hearings on claim issues that cannot be otherwise settled to the satisfaction of you, your employer or the department. The Board will issue a written decision regarding your case after personal arguments and testimony have been taken. If you are dissatisfied with the Board’s decision, you may appeal to a Washington State Superior Court.

How a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Can Help

While the assistance of an attorney is not required for either the protest or appeal process, these are both complex and potentially confusing ordeals. If you are dissatisfied with L&I’s decision regarding your worker’s compensation claim, contact us today and let us assist you in getting the compensation you have worked hard for.