Currently across the United States, hundreds of men and women are preparing for the fights of their lives, Actos bladder cancer. They are diabetes patients who were given Takeda Industries top selling drug Actos to control their insulin levels. This drug has yielded billions of dollars for Takeda, however, in recent years patients have found that the side effects are potentially far more deadly than their diabetes.

Bladder cancer is manifested in tumors that form on the bladder wall. The bladder carries urine after liquid has been processed through the digestive system. Once these tumors become “malignant” they begin attacking surrounding tissue with cancer cells and unless it is caught early, they can spread to other organs and infect the blood system.

Symptoms of Actos Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is one of those cancers that many catch early because it is easily detectable by paying attention to the symptoms. People with relatively normal diets, alcohol intake, and who aren’t prone to regular bladder infections become acutely aware of the problems early, making bladder cancer one of the most survivable amongst the many cancers.

Some of the symptoms are:

Abdominal pain – The lower abdomen right in the center above your genitals may begin to ache due to cell degeneration and inflammation. This can feel like a urinary infection and if you are an Actos patient, you should see the doctor and get a precautionary test right away.

Blood in the urine – This is a bad sign that can be a symptom of several problems. Any sign of blood in urine should inspire you to see a doctor right away and if you are there ask to be tested for bladder cancer regardless of what the doctor may diagnose in the office.

Bone pain or tenderness – This is a symptom of many cancers and may be a sign of a larger problem with later stage of the cancer.

Fatigue – Bladder pain and infection is a definite sign of illness that can cause fatigue. This is true with bladder cancer, however, fatigue could be a sign of a larger problem that should be checked out by a doctor.

Painful urination – This is a definite sign of bladder cancer and of other serious ailments, however, an Actos patient should be acutely aware of this symptom at all times.

Urinary frequency – This is one of the first signs of bladder cancer as the bladder has limited capacity and a tumor can lower that capacity. If you are urinating twice as much as usual with normal fluid intake you should see the doctor.

Urinary urgency – This is also associated with lower bladder capacity and could be a sign that there is a larger problem.

Urine leakage (incontinence) – This is a symptom of many problems and can also be associated with aging, but in younger Actos patients this could be a sign of a worse problem. All patients should check for bladder cancer in this instance.

Weight loss – Weight loss generally doesn’t come until the later stages of cancer and is preceded with most of the symptoms above.

Treatment For Actos Bladder Cancer

Cancer comes in five main stages with the fifth stage being untreatable. Survival from stage 0 to 2 when applied to bladder cancer is generally very good and is only followed by reoccurrence in a small percentage of patients, however, stage 3 and above can be a different story. As you can see from the graph and the descriptions below, it is very important to catch the symptoms early.


Stage 0 and 1 treatments:

Surgery – Surgeons remove the tumor, reseal the bladder, and monitor. Chemotherapy or immunotherapy – This is only recommended if surgery is less detrimental and only applied directly into the bladder.

Stage 2 and 3 treatments:

Partial removal surgery – Remove only part of the bladder, followed by radiation and chemotherapy Radical cystectomy – This is surgery to remove the entire bladder ()Chemotherapy – This is a chemical cocktail intended to shrink the tumor prior to surgery making it more successful.

Stage 4 treatments –

Chemotherapy – Most patients with stage IV tumors cannot be cured as the cancer has spread to different parts of the body and surgery is not appropriate. In these patients, chemotherapy is often considered.

National Actos Attorney

These different stages of Actos bladder cancer have different effects on different patients as well as how the symptoms are manifested. Regardless, the diagnosis of cancer is no different in any patient. It is a highly emotional experience and forces a person to face their mortality. It not only causes major disruptions to a person’s work life, personal life, and quality of life. That’s why victims and their families deserve fair compensation.

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