The fatal crane collapse in April 2019 is still fresh in the minds of many Seattle residents. Just weeks later, Dallas residents were shocked by a similar fatal crane collapse1. As investigations continue, some reports have surfaced citing common practices that may compromise crane safety and stability.

The Seattle Times describes a 2012 crane collapse where bolts were removed early in preparation for dismantling and removal. This crane was also located near Dallas, Texas. The Seattle Times goes further by saying:

“Several crane experts, after closely examining photos and videos of the crash, said they believe pins were removed early. And, they say, it’s a practice that has become common in the industry — a way to save time during disassembly — despite the safety risks they say it brings.” 2

These experts have also pointed out why removing pins early is an increasingly common practice. Removing pins early speeds up the disassembly process, which in turn saves money.

While the investigations are still ongoing, Labor and Industries has closed its investigation into the company that employed the crane operator clearing them of any violations. L&I is still investigating other companies3.

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