Gavel of JusticeWhen an accident occurs, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. While you are still recovering, you may find yourself unable to pay medical expenses and spiraling into debt. Your family may be struggling financially, while you are still trying to sort through the damages from your accident. To make matters worse, insurance companies are giving you the runaround and refusing to answer your phone calls. Sound familiar? Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend

Unfortunately, after an accident, insurance companies don’t always care who is to blame. Even the “at-fault” driver’s insurance companies may look to twist things back on you in order to avoid paying claims. Even when they do finally offer accident victims a settlement, it is usually only a fraction of what they need to fully recover.

Insurance companies are supposed to protect their policyholders, but in reality, they only protect their shareholders. They do this by trying to avoid compensating injury victims fairly. When this occurs, Seattle accident victims need someone on their side who can protect their interests and fight the large insurance companies.

Lawyers Are Threatening to Insurance Companies

A personal injury attorney can see to it that you receive the maximum compensation after an accident and that insurance claims adjusters don’t take advantage of you in your vulnerable state.

An injury lawyer knows how much your claim is worth. When injured accident victims settle their claims alone, they often fail to take into consideration future wage losses, disability, and long-term care. As such, insurance companies don’t usually offer enough compensation to pay for all of their accident’s expenses. When a lawyer is on your side, insurance companies realize that the threat of a claim going to trial is higher. This alone is often enough to convince them to offer you a fair settlement.

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