Washington workers who are injured on the job usually recover quickly and without difficulty. As such, the majority of workers never truly understand the workers’ compensation system or what benefits they are entitled to until they are seriously injured. For those employees who are seriously injured and unable to return to work quickly, the workers’ compensation system can seem confusing and difficult to navigate, especially as you are trying to recover from your injuries and support your family. It is often during this time that employees need to consult with an experienced Washington workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure that they are receiving all of the benefits to which they are entitled. In particular, it is crucial for protecting your job and ensuring that you are able to support your family through this difficult time.

There are many reasons why you might benefit from consulting with a Washington workers’ compensation lawyer. Some of these reasons include:

  • You have been refused benefits to which you are entitled
  • You are told to return to work before you are medically able
  • You are denied extended disability
  • You are denied permanent disability
  • You have lost your job due to injury
  • Your employer will not make reasonable accommodations for you to return to work
  • Your employer creates a specified position for you to return to work
  • And more

Washington employers are well aware of how the Washington compensation system works and how to maneuver around the laws and rules. They often create specific positions for injured workers in order to allow them to return to work. These positions are then terminated a few weeks later and the employee is left without a job and without workers’ compensation. An experienced Washington workers’ compensation lawyer can help to protect your rights against employers who are acting unethically or trying to avoid paying you what is rightfully yours.

When the Doctors are Wrong

There are times when a physician tells workers that they are ready to go back to work when they are not. These doctors are unfortunately more interested in preserving a good relationship with the employer and will likely send employees back before they are truly ready to return to work. If you feel that your injury is not completely healed or that your physician is sending you back to work prematurely, then it is critical that you hire an experienced Washington workers’ compensation lawyer immediately.

Washington Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in your Corner

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