Workers’ Compensation FAQ


If you are injured on the job, there may be many questions running through your mind. Who will pay for my medical expenses? Is this injury covered under workers’ compensation? How will I make ends meet if I am unable to work? An experienced Washington workers’ compensation lawyer can help answer those questions and fight for your right to be compensated for your injuries. To get you started, here are some answers to our most popular questions regarding workers’ compensation.

Q: Does my injury qualify me for workers’ compensation

A: In order for an injury to qualify for workers’ compensation, the injury must have been caused while you were working on the job or have been a direct result of your job duties. Common work-related injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, back injuries, broken bones, and soft tissue injuries. Financial aid usually covers replacement income and medical expenses and can sometimes extend to the families of injured workers or to survivors of workers who are killed while on the job.

Q: What benefits am I eligible to receive?

A: In the State of Washington, workers’ compensation allows you to receive benefits for the following: replacement income, medical care expenses, and vocational rehabilitation expenses. There are a number of benefits to which you may be entitled to in each of those categories and an experienced Washington workers’ compensation lawyer can help you obtain all of the benefits to which you are entitled. For example: your injury may entitle you to a permanent partial impairment settlement or a loss of earning power benefit.

Q: If I am unable to work at all because of my injury, how much of my salary am I able to obtain?

A: If you are unable to work due to an injury you received or aggravated while on the job, you are eligible to receive 60% of your average wages; however, there are state minimums and maximums. This may mean that you will experience a significant income loss. An experienced Washington workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to obtain more money for your injuries and ensure that you receive all the money to which you are entitled.

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