4th of July is Around the Corner


Phillips Law Firm wants you to have a safe and fun Independance Day

Safety tips from Phillips Law Firm:

Please only light off approved, legal fireworks from reliable Washington State retailers. Beware of the risks of holding a sparkler. Studies show that sparklers are responsible for 7% of all firework related injuries. Injury risks from fireworks include:

  • Burns (3rd, 2nd and 1st degree)
  • Loss of limbs or digits (fingers, toes, hands, arms and feet)
  • Broken bones or torn ligaments
  • Permanent blindness
  • Permanent scarring

Avoid artillery shells and other aerial type fireworks. While these fireworks may be beautiful to watch they are unpredictable and pose a risk to house fires. If you get the urge to light an explosive device such as anM-80M-100 or other type of homemade or modified firework, remember that it would be a felony offense. Don’t do it. Always have an adult light the fireworks. While you want your children to partake in the 4th of July excitement, the risks are too prominent to ignore. Make sure to have a garden hose or fire extinguisher readily available. Don’t hold fireworks in your hand for any reason. After alcohol intake it may seem like fun to hold a Roman Candle. Don’t do it. Remember to light your fireworks away from buildings, houses, trees, plants or anything potentially flammable. Fireworks may be safe if lit upright but they are susceptible to tipping. Make sure to light off your fireworks with enough space so that if tipping accidentally occurs the sparks will not hit anything nearby. Use eye protection. If a spark hits your eye, the trauma can be potential blinding. It is better to take precautions than avoid protective gear because of aesthetics. Make sure to avoid bottle rockets and other flying-type fireworks. Anything with a stick or fins that flies in the air is considered illegal in Washington State. If you purchase a “dud” and the firework does not light, make sure to keep away from it for at least five minutes as a precaution. Keep a tub of water nearby to soak your used fireworks before disposing of them. It is your responsibility to clean up all the debris from the street. Make sure to leave your neighborhood streets the way they were prior to the 4th of July holiday. After you light the firework make sure to move away quickly. This tip may seem obvious but it’s not every day that you are allowed to light fireworks so you may forget to move swiftly after lighting them. Keep your pets indoors. Sometimes pet owners sedate their pets in order to ease their nerves because the loud booms from the fireworks frighten them. Be aware of others lighting fireworks at the same time as you. Make sure only one firework is lit at a time. If you are unsure about how to light fireworks safely consider attending a fireworks show instead. Safety is a priority for these shows and there is no clean-up involved for you.

Firework regulations in unincorporated King County:

Fireworks may be discharged only on July 4 from 9 a.m. to midnight. Fireworks sales are legal beginning at noon on June 28 until 11 p.m. and then daily between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. through July 4. No sales can occur after July 4. To purchase fireworks you must be at least 16 years of age with picture identification.


Firework Regulations

Auburn 4th of July only
Bellevue Banned
Black Diamond 4th of July only
Bothell 4th of July only
Burien Banned
Carnation Banned
Clyde Hill Banned
Covington 4th of July only
Des Moines Banned
Duvall 4th of July only
Enumclaw 4th of July only
Federal Way Banned
Hunts Point Banned
Issaquah Banned
Kenmore Banned
Kent 4th of July only
Kirkland Banned
Lake Forest Park Banned
Maple Valley 4th of July only
Medina Banned
Mercer Island 4th of July only
Newcastle Banned
Normandy Park June 28 to July 4
North Bend 4th of July only
Pacific 4th of July only
Redmond Banned
Renton Banned
Sammamish Banned
SeaTac Banned
Seattle Banned
Shoreline Banned
Skykomish 4th of July only
Snoqualmie 4th of July only
Tukwila Banned
Woodinville Banned
Yarrow Point Banned