Glenn PhillipsThe State of Washington has one of the best worker’s compensation systems in the country. Yet for thousands of workers who are injured, the system can be complicated, difficult to navigate, and full of obstacles. Understanding worker’s compensation before you need it is one of the keys to getting the most from your benefits when you are injured. An experienced Seattle worker’s compensation lawyer can help you throughout your injury to ensure that you are receiving all the benefits to which you are entitled.

#1: Worker’s compensation is for BOTH you and your employer’s protection: The worker’s compensation system is intended to protect both employees and their employers. These insurance policies keep businesses from getting tangled in costly litigation every time an employee is injured; yet they offer employees a guaranteed process for obtaining financial help.

#2: There are loopholes: Insurance companies will try to avoid paying even the most legitimate worker’s compensation claim. As such, they will look for loopholes that will give them the ability to deny your claim. Being fully informed of your company’s policy will help you avoid those pitfalls and your insurance company’s tactics.

#3: Worker’s compensation covers more than just medical bills: Many injured workers believe that worker’s compensation will just cover their medical expenses. Yet this is not true. Worker’s compensation covers lost wages, therapy, counseling, and disability payments. It can also assist surviving dependents if their loved one is killed on the job.

#4: You may be able to file a lawsuit: While filing a lawsuit against your employer is generally not an option if you receive worker’s compensation, you may be able to file a lawsuit against a third-party. If your injury was caused by a negligent driver or a defective product, for example, you may be able to file a third party claim against the negligent third party.

#5: A worker’s compensation attorney is often necessary: While you may be able to collect worker’s compensation without an attorney, it is always best to review your case with one. At Phillips Law Firm, we offer a free consultation and review of your case. We can often help you avoid the pitfalls associated with worker’s compensation and ensure that you receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled. In addition, if you should face any difficulties in collecting your claim, our attorneys will be ready to fight for you.

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