bike damaged in a bike accidentImagine you’re riding your bike in the greater Seattle area.  It’s late.  It’s dark.  All of a sudden you’re hit by a car.  You’re catapulted off your bike and thrown into the windshield of the vehicle that struck. You roll off the car and lie helplessly in the middle of the street.  The motorist that struck you drives off like a coward.  You lie unconscious, cloaked in blood, with multiple cuts and injuries to your entire body.  What do you do?

Hope for a Hero

The above scenario is not just to spur thought.  The facts contained within are very real.  They involve a recent accident that took place near West Seattle.  The facts come together to form a tale of both cowardice and bravery.

On the evening of May 22nd, 30-year-old John Macy was riding his bicycle along Southwest Spokane Street near West Seattle. He was abiding by the law and was apparently safe from harm.  Or, so he thought.

A motorist soon collided with Macy’s bike.  The collision was so powerful that Macy was thrown through the windshield of the motor vehicle.  Macy eventually rolled back out of the car and ended up unconscious in the middle of the street.  The physical impact of the collision left Macy with a shattered skull, pelvis, and cuts all over his body.

The driver of the vehicle sped off.  He never once stopped.  Luckily, an act of heroism was about to take place.

Shortly after the collision, David Peterson came driving along Southwest Spokane Street.  He noticed something in the road that looked like debris from discarded bedding.  After further observation, he noticed that this particular “debris” had feet.

Peterson stopped and exited his vehicle.  He soon came to realize the feet belonged to the unconscious John Macy.  Peterson called 911 and then stayed by Macy’s side.  He touched his shoulder and talked to Macy until help arrived.

As a result of the collision, Macy underwent extensive reconstructive surgery.  He is currently doing well.  As for Peterson?  He should be lifted into the air on shoulders, praised, and receive honor for his heroism.

A Tale with Two Meanings

The Macy-Peterson story is important to us all because it helps deliver two very powerful messages.  The first relates to the fact that when we are driving our vehicles in King County, we are surrounded by all types of drivers.  There are the aggressors.  There are the cautious and safe motorists.  There are the young and the new drivers; and yes, there are the selfish cowards that cause a motor vehicle accident and choose to flee from the scene.

Our firm has handled countless of cases involving hit and run drivers.  They are unfortunate.  Many involve extensive damage to persons and property.  Many are complex and difficult because the true identity of the person causing injury cannot be readily discovered.

Nonetheless, these cases are not without resolution.  As the saying goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Our talented team of attorneys strongly adheres to these words.  Even in the face of cowardice, they can find a way to bring peace and justice to your claim.  Whether it be through extensive research and investigation, tireless communications with insurance companies, or countless hours spent consulting with experts, our team can stand up to the cowards and win.

The Macy-Peterson story is also important because it reminds us to be good Samaritans.  Modern day society has tried to instill within us all several important messages.  Some of these include: “if you see something, say something,” “be a better person,” “walk tall,” and, “do the right thing.”  In short, become a David Peterson.

We all know that life is hard at times.  The more we trudge along, the more we understand that help is not always there.  Let’s all make a point of ensuring it’s there.  Let’s all make a commitment towards helping those in true need of assistance.

We look for ways everyday to honor this commitment.  We simply ask the same of you.

Image Credit: dopamineharper via Flickr