You’ve paid your insurance premiums each and every year and stayed loyal to the same insurance company for years. Yet in the days and weeks following a serious accident—this same insurance company suddenly can’t be bothered to return your phone call or respond to your claim. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this is what many accident victims experience after a serious car accident.

Insurance companies are supposed to be on your side, looking after your interests and ensuring that you have the money you need to recover. After all, this is what they promised. Yet the majority of insurance companies care more about their shareholders than their policyholders. As such, they may unfairly deny your claim, offer you a low-ball settlement, or delay on important claims. When this occurs, you need an experienced Seattle car accident lawyer on your side.

Even the best insurance companies will try to limit their liabilities and offer you a settlement that is far less than you may need to fully recover. Their hope is that like most accident victims, you simply accept this offer without fighting. Yet when accident victims retain legal representation, they are usually able to recover significantly more money for their injuries.

Seattle Bad Faith Tactics So how do insurance companies get around paying you top dollar? It’s easy. Many of them engage in bad faith tactics that are designed to limit their liabilities and protect their bottom line. Some of these bad faith tactics include:

  • Denying valid claims
  • Delaying payments
  • Refusing to answer or return phone calls
  • Repeatedly losing paperwork
  • Sending claimants for unnecessary medical tests or paperwork
  • Dragging out claims process
  • Purposely targeting high-cost claims to use as basis for denials
  • Canceling insurance policy after a claim is made
  • Offering low-ball settlements
  • Ignoring medical information that is vital to a claim
  • Failing to investigate claim properly
  • Failing to defend against third party claim

If an insurance company is giving you the run around or has denied your claim unfairly, it may be time to speak to an attorney. At the Phillips Law Firm, we can help you fight the large insurance companies and ensure that you receive the money you need to fully recover.

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