Carpal tunnel syndrome ranks second only to lower back strain as the number one reason American worker’s miss time at work due to a work-related, non-medical injury. In fact, 60% of all carpal tunnel claims lead to lost time at work and those numbers are climbing. Since more and more American workers perform job duties at their computers, the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome is increasing. Unfortunately, as these workers get older, they often fail to respond to traditional carpal tunnel treatment and usually require surgery to correct their carpal tunnel syndrome. This significantly increases the amount of time missed from work and the costs associated with treating this work-related injury actually triples.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a collection of symptoms that results from the median nerve becoming compressed and entrapped at the wrist. These symptoms include numbness, itching, and tingling in the fingers and thumb, burning pain, and loss of hand use. This numbness and tingling can become debilitating for many and can result in permanent nerve damage, weakened grip, and lack of coordination. Workers who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome struggle to read a book, type on the computer, and even drive.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Workman’s Compensation

Unfortunately, may workers in Washington State get carpal tunnel syndrome from performing the duties associated with their jobs. As their carpal tunnel syndrome worsens, they are then unable to perform these jobs and often require time off of work or changes in their duties. While workman’s compensation should pay for time off of work and health-related benefits, this is not always the case.

When it comes to workman’s compensation and carpal tunnel syndrome, there are 3 important facts to keep in mind:

  1. When compared to back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome cases are actually more likely to result in lost time claims
  2. Women continue to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome more frequently than men
  3. Workers who file carpal tunnel injury claims are usually paid higher than workers who file back injury claims

A Washington Workman’s Compensation Lawyer on Your Side

The average cost per carpal tunnel claim is about $16,000. This is the amount of money workman compensation pays on average for carpal tunnel claims. When a worker has an attorney, however, this average jumps to nearly $30,000! That is almost doubled! A Washington workman’s compensation lawyer knows how to fight to ensure that all of your medical needs are met during this difficult time and that you are adequately compensated for your injury and for any time lost at your job.

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