After an accident it is important to cooperate with medical personnel on the scene. Injury documentation is a crucial element when filing a personal injury claim. If you are hurting to any degree it is important to notify the ambulance personnel on the scene. If they want to take you to the hospital for medical treatment, let them do so. In personal injury cases monetary damages are paid to the injured party so it is important that your injuries are clearly documented.

What is my case worth?

If you are considering filing a lawsuit or making a claim after your involvement in an accident you monetary damages can be based upon the following types of damages:

  • Physical damages – Damages to your vehicle and personal property.
  • Bodily injury – Personal injury caused by the negligence of another person.
  • Mental injury – Psychological injury as a result of the trauma from an accident.

Various types of compensatory damages that may be considered in your settlement:

Medical treatment: The cost of medical care, including hospital visits, physical therapy, prescription costs, medications, other medical treatment and the estimated cost of future medical care you may need because of the accident.

Loss of income: Lost salary, wages, or commission from your inability to work or because of attending medical treatment sessions.

Property loss: Damages to your vehicle or any contents in your vehicle that was damaged as a result of your accident.

Pain and suffering: Discomfort that requires medical treatment, usually classified as bodily or emotional harm, including loss of consortium.

Your responsibility after an accident is to mitigate damages.

An injured plaintiff should take appropriate actions of treatment after an accident. If you were injured and refused medical treatment you are at risk of making your injuries much worse. Damage awards may be reduced because you failed to mitigate damages, so if a doctor recommends a treatment plan it is extremely important to follow through with your doctor’s recommendations. Your action, or in some cases inaction, can affect your wellbeing and the dollar amount of your damages award.

Have you been injured in an accident, requiring extensive medical treatment?

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