Seattle PoliceIt’s that time again when the Phillips Law Firm practices its dubious honor of highlighting a member in our community whose actions make us all cringe.  They make us cringe because the actions are unsafe.  They are careless.  They are foolish.  They place people’s lives in danger.

Rooted in our firm’s values is a belief in justice.  We believe in it and also work tirelessly to achieve it for our clients.  Our work is simply made more difficult when others act irresponsibly.  To help deter this irresponsible conduct, we believe it useful to emphasize those actions that should be avoided, reprimanded, and ridiculed.  To put simply, we seek to highlight a person whose actions make us all stand up and scream…”What Was He Thinking!?”

This month our “What Was He Thinking” award goes out to a drunk driver.  Go figure.  This driver was not only careless, but the driver gives new meaning to the phrase, “three strikes and you’re out.”

Strike One – Drinking and Stealing

The driver in question is an unnamed man we can refer to as “Mr. Ridiculous.”  On, or about, Friday, July 18th, Mr. Ridiculous consumed eight whiskey shots.  The approximate time of the last shot was somewhere around 6:00 to 6:30 pm.

Upon drowning himself in alcohol, Mr. Ridiculous decided to steal a Mustang.  He then took it for a spin through downtown Seattle.  Maybe now is a good time to remind everyone that drinking and driving do not mix.

Strike Two – Vehicle Collisions

At approximately 6:30 pm, Mr. Ridiculous sped drunk, in the stolen vehicle, the wrong way down 2nd Avenue.  He soon collided head-on with an Audi that was being driven by a valet.  The valet was not seriously injured.  However, Mr. Ridiculous’ reaction should be noted.  After the collision, our disturbed driver found it somehow meaningful to throw a bottle of whiskey out the Mustang’s window.  He then drove away.

Apparently one collision was not enough.  After colliding with the valet, Mr. Ridiculous sped off and eventually ran a red light at the intersection of 5th and Cherry Street.  The result was a second collision.  This time it was with a bus.

The driver and passengers of the bus were luckily not injured.  The collision though did damage the bus’s bike carrier.  It also severely damaged the Mustang.

Strike Three – Hello SPD

Mr. Ridiculous ended his drunken tour of Seattle in perhaps the most just of ways.  After colliding with the bus, the Mustang finally came to a stop at the corner of 5th Avenue and James Street.  For those unfamiliar with the streets of Seattle, this exact location is directly across from the Seattle Police headquarters.

Just moments after the Mustang came to a halt, SPD Public Affairs Sergeant Sean Whitcomb exited headquarters.  He spotted the Mustang, approached the vehicle, and courteously advised Mr. Ridiculous to remain at the scene.

Seattle patrol officers quickly arrived and arrested Mr. Ridiculous.  The charges filed against him included: hit and run, DUI and investigation of auto theft.  Sergeant Whitcomb declined to comment on the event.  He simply stated “please don’t post this” and “get back to work.”

Three Strikes and You’re Out!

For the record, the Phillips Law Firm is unanimous on one unified message regarding this event…”Mr. Ridiculous, What Were You Thinking!?”  A batter in baseball is declared out after three strikes.  However, Mr. Ridiculous, you should have been declared out after consuming eight shots of whiskey and stealing a vehicle.

The above facts involve serious crimes that threaten all of our safety.  Auto theft, driving while intoxicated, and colliding with vehicles are by no means good things.  They are reprehensible.  They are irresponsible.  They are a danger and pose risks of unnecessary harm to fellow motorists and pedestrians of all types.

Please learn a lesson from the above story.  It’s a true story that luckily did not involve harm.  However, it could have easily ended in severe injury and/or even a person’s death.  Don’t be ridiculous when it comes to alcohol use, operating a motor vehicle, or even exercising sound judgment.  Be smart and responsible.

If, for any reason, you have unfortunately been injured in an automobile accident, please contact our office today.  Our firm consists of a talented team of successful attorneys that are always available to help.  They can only help, however, if you contact them.