Recent reports have indicated that Granuflo manufacturer, Fresenius Medical Care North America, knew about the potential health risks associated with their dialysis product as early as 2010 but chose to withhold this information. At that time, an internal memo from the company to its satellite dialysis clinics warned of increased risks, but they did not make this information public to the thousands of other clinics across the country that were using their products.

Fresenius has since rebuked these allegations as false and a misinterpretation of the memo.

“Review of data may sometimes indicate a working hypothesis or preliminary concern that it wants its medical directors and admitting clinicians to consider, but which it does not view as sufficiently developed to support peer reviewed or general external publication” —Jon Stone, a spokesperson for Fresenius Medical Care


GranuFlo is a Dangerous Dialysis Drug that Kills

GranuFlo is a dialysis acid concentrate that helps reduce the amount of acid in the blood. Unfortunately, using GranuFlo leads to an increased amount of bicarbonate in the body, which in turn significantly increases the risk of cardiac arrest and heart complications in patients undergoing dialysis treatment.

Since the FDA began its investigation of GranuFlo, numerous lawsuits have cropped up across the country and plantiffs have begun to consolidate some of these wrongful death lawsuits across the country into multidistrict lawsuits.

GranuFlo Lawsuits and Dialysis Lawsuit Attorneys

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