Halloween and Pedestrian Accidents


Halloween is coming up this October 31 and is the deadliest night of the year for pedestrians. Trick-or-treaters are especially at risk for a traffic accident. Rainy Washington weather and poorly lit streets contribute to the reduced visibility of pedestrians so it is important to take extra precautions to avoid an automotive accident.

Avoid Jay-Walking

It is important to avoid cutting through the middle of the street mid-block when going door-to-door. Negligent and drunk drivers are unfortunately a predominant reason for Halloween automotive and pedestrian accidents. Stay away from the edge of the sidewalk and be aware of your surroundings.

Double and Triple-Check Your Driveway before Leaving

Watch for people not only in the streets but in your driveway, apartment parking lot, or on the curb. Many costumes are dark in color so keep a sharp eye out. If you are trick-or-treating with your child it is a good idea to have them wear a brighter costume or have them carry a flashlight. Another option is to have them wear a glow stick. Remember that small children do not know the laws of traffic so pay close attention to the space between parked cars, road medians and unusual places for a young pedestrian to pop out from.

If you have to drive on Halloween, please keep it slow.

A pedestrian is twice as likely to be injured by a car traveling at 35 mph compared to 25 mph. Halloween is a holiday with many driving distractions. Never assume that a driver will simply “see you” when crossing. Wait at a crosswalk until the automobile stops completely, look for acknowledgement that they know you are crossing. While this may seem time-consuming or silly it is an important safety precaution that will keep you and your child safe on Halloween.

Make sure costumes fit properly.

Hem costumes ahead of time to avoid tripping. Children tripping or retrieving a costume mask or spilled candy from the middle of the street is a recipe for disaster. Stick together so if your child trips you are able to carry them away from the middle of the road.

Most importantly – buckle up!

It is possible that you will need to brake suddenly on Halloween. Make sure to use an appropriate car seat for your child and always buckle up, even if you are only traveling a short distance. Remember, in Washington State you are required to buckle up!

Make this a happy and safe Halloween!

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