Last year, the Washington State Department of Transportation set about to determine if women and specific minority groups were still experiencing discrimination when being awarded contracts on public works projects. They hired Colorado-based BBC research and consulting group to conduct this study. BBC found that firms that were owned by white women were winning enough contracts without the federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program.

Due to these findings, WSDOT wants to remove white women from the DBE program. Women in Highway Construction, a group of white women who own DBE-certified firms, vehemently oppose these findings and the change WSDOT wishes to implement. As such, they have threatened to file a lawsuit and argue that discrimination is still ongoing in Washington State.

“Lacking evidence of discrimination against Caucasian women-owned business in the local marketplace, WSDOT cannot include them in contract-specific DBE goals.”

Kris Rietmann, WSDOT Assistant Communications Director

White Washington women in business aren’t buying it. At a public meeting in Shoreline, they pointed out several flaws in the study that was conducted and cited examples of women who were not interviewed for the report. WSDOT is currently listening to the comments until February; then the decision will head to the U.S. Department of Transportation, who will ultimately make the final call.

Women have long been discriminated against in businesses, especially in industries that are dominated by men. While it is against the law to discriminate based on sex, it still occurs rather frequently. Women may be overlooked for raises, promotions, or even demoted in favor of a male counterpart. Women-owned businesses may not be awarded contracts, even in situations where they are the lowest bidder or the most qualified company for the job.

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