There are over 2,500 lawsuits pending against the transvaginal mesh manufacturer, Boston Scientific. One of those lawsuits groups 67 women together who claim that the medical manufacturing giant failed to provide warnings regarding the serious health risks associated with their product. These health risks included device erosion, device migration, intestinal and organ perforation, infections, bleeding, urinary problems, and fertility issues.

The 67 women involved in this case against Boston Scientific experienced horrific injuries and complications after being implanted with their transvaginal device. The lawsuit was filed in the St. Louis Circuit Court but diversity jurisdiction caused the defendants to remove it to federal court. The plaintiffs filed a motion to remand because one of the women was a resident of Boston Scientific’s home state, Massachusetts and a Missouri federal judge agreed.

Boston Scientific argued again that these women were implanted with six different devices so there was no “common issue of fact” to allow them to form a combined lawsuit. Missouri federal judge, Carol E. Jackson, disagreed with this argument because all plaintiffs were implanted with a polypropylene mesh in the vaginal wall, tethered in place by two arms. In addition, their claims were similar, citing incompatibility with human tissue, negative reactions, and increased risk of bacterial infections.

Boston Scientific is just one of many medical manufacturers that is currently embroiled in litigation regarding their faulty and defective transvaginal mesh products. Johnson & Johnson was recently ordered to pay $11.1 million in damages to Linda Gross for the injuries she sustained after receiving the Prolift transvaginal implant. The next case that is currently scheduled to go to trial involves C.R. Bard. The trial will take place in the Southern District of West Virginia where C.R. Bard currently faces over 1,900 transvaginal mesh lawsuits.

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