When Linda Gross received the Prolift transvaginal mesh implant in 2006 to treat her pelvic organ prolapse, she had no idea what the future would hold for her. Since her surgery, Gross’ life has turned into a nightmare. Her organs grew around the mesh device, causing severe pain and infection. Consequently, she had to undergo 18 surgeries to remove the transvaginal mesh implant; however, none of the surgeries were able to completely remove the entire device. She has also undergone over 400 medical consultations that included office visits, physical therapies, and prescriptions and she was forced to resign from her job as a nurse due to the debilitating pain.

Linda Gross’ case was the first case among over 1,800 transvaginal mesh cases that are pending against Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon. The lawsuit alleged that the Johnson & Johnson Prolift transvaginal mesh implant was not safe and contained defective design flaws. In addition, they believed that the manufacturer failed to issue adequate warnings regarding their Prolift transvaginal mesh implant.

Jury Awards Transvaginal Mesh Victim

On Monday, February 25th, a jury decided that Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Ethicon failed in their duty to properly warn doctors and surgeons about the many complications associated with their defective Prolift transvaginal mesh device. As such, these doctors were unable to offer their patients an accurate picture of the risks and complications that could occur by choosing the Prolift mesh device. They awarded Linda Gross $3.35 million for lost wages and the physical damage that occurred due to her transvaginal mesh implant. On Thursday, February 28th, this same New Jersey jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay Linda Gross an additional $7.76 million in punitive damages. Johnson & Johnson has said that they plan to vehemently appeal the award.

Since this was the first of nearly 2,000 cases against Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson, this verdict will most certainly impact the thousands of other lawsuits that are currently pending against them and other transvaginal mesh implant manufacturers, such as C.R. Bard and Boston Scientific.

National Transvaginal Lawsuit Lawyers

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