AndroGel Low Testosterone TreatmentLow testosterone drugs have exploded onto the market in recent years, promising aging men a renewed interest in everything from sex to life. Pervasive marketing campaigns warn that low testosterone can interfere with sex drives, moods, and even energy levels. This in turn prompted annual prescriptions for Low-T drugs to increase five fold from 2000 to 2011. In fact, sales totaled nearly $2 billion in 2012 from 5.3 million prescriptions thanks to global ad campaigns.

The Dark Side Of Low Testosterone Treatments

Yet there is a dark side to Low-T drugs. In the first 3 months after starting low testosterone therapy, men younger than 65 who had a history of heart disease were 2x more likely to experience a heart attack or stroke. For men over the age of 65, their risk of heart attacks and strokes increased 2x—even without a history of heart disease.

The latest study to confirm these findings is particularly interesting because it involved a large population, unlike previous studies. The researchers reviewed the records of 55,593 men who had been prescribed testosterone treatments, including over 48,000 records from men that were younger than 65 years old. Specifically, they compared patients who were given testosterone treatments, including Axiron and Androderm with those patients who were simply given Viagra or Cialis. The testosterone group was 2x as likely to suffer a heart attack compared to the impotence pill group. This suggests that the increase in heart complications is due to the treatment prescribed and not merely the sexual behavior.

FDA Intervention is Needed

These results have prompted calls for the FDA to update product labeling and warn consumers of cardiovascular concerns. In addition, physicians and academics have raised concerns that the advertising campaigns of these companies, such as AndroGel, exaggerate both the effectiveness of these drugs and the prevalence of low testosterone among men. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2010 found that only 2% of men between the ages of 40 and 80 actually suffered from Low T.

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