Mirena Birth Control Side Effects


A Cleveland woman who chose to use the Bayer intra-uterine device (IUD), Mirena, began to experience severe pain not long after insertion of the device. The mother of three, who thought she understood all the Mirena birth control side effects, was rushed to her local emergency room in pain. After performing x-rays, hospital staff discovered that her Mirena IUD had migrated from its initial insertion point and completely perforated her uterine wall. Emergency surgery was needed to remove the device, which was found floating in her abdomen. The Mirena contraceptive device is labeled as a safe and effective form of birth control designed to remain at the point of insertion for up to five years before becoming discharged. It is designed to be a worry free form of birth control, but according to adverse reaction reports from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), that isn’t always the case. According to records obtained by the WEWS News Channel 5 investigative team, there have been at least 70,072 complaints involving the Mirena IUD since 2000. Many of these complaints are minor, however since 2008, 4,775 women have reported “device dislocation” which can include uterine perforation. The women for whom Mirena works well are, understandably, happy with the product and many doctors continue to prescribe it with little hesitation. However, Dr. Steven White, M.D. raised another issue in a letter he wrote in response to a story that had run in a previous issue of Daytona Beach’s News-Journal. Dr. White confirms that devices such as the Mirena IUD are effective as a form of contraception when they release, as in Mirena’s case, hormones into the uterus to prevent fertilization of the egg. Dr. White’s point is that if the device fails and conception takes place, the device could cause a chemical abortion. Thinning “the lining of the uterus”, which is a clearly stated effect of the device, prevents embryo implantation, thus resulting in a chemical abortion. “In the best interest of full disclosure and true informed consent, both the contraceptive and potential abortifacient effects of IUDs should be discussed with every patient before prescribing this method of birth control”, states Dr. White. There are currently 100 Mirena side effect lawsuits pending in the Southern District of New York and 173 filed in Bergen County Superior Court, New Jersey. The next multi-district litigation status conference is scheduled for August 14, 2013.

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