Imagine if your car could detect an accident before it occurred and help you avoid devastating and horrific injuries by communicating with other cars. While that may sound like the plot of Hollywood’s latest sci-fi blockbuster, it is actually a reality now. A new technology has been introduced that will cut collisions, deaths, and vehicle injuries for years to come.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been working with automakers to develop such a technology and it has taken the better part of a decade to come to realization. This new technology would allow your car to transmit a radio signal that would give your vehicle’s position, heading, speed, and other vital information to other cars around you. It would then alert you to an impending collision or even apply the brakes itself to avoid the collision.

How would this work? Imagine a car is about to run a red light. Your vehicle would receive the information that this car was coming too fast and would alert you so you could avoid the intersection. Or let’s say a car several vehicles ahead of you suddenly stops. Your car would realize the stop before you even saw taillights.

In the not to far off future, roadways and traffic lights could also talk to your car and warn you of traffic congestion or road hazards. This would theoretically give drivers more control over driving by letting them choose an alternate route before it was too late.

Safety and Transportation officials want this technology to be mandatory in all vehicles in the future, but realize that this may be years away from actually happening. Automakers are enthusiastic about this new technology, but still need to address privacy and security questions first.

While safety benefits of such a technology are evident, the privacy concerns are something entirely different. As such, privacy issues must be addressed before this technology can be advanced.

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