Many people have scoffed at the justice system for what they perceive as “frivolous” lawsuits. One of the most cited is the McDonalds Hot Coffee case where a woman sued for nearly $3 million because she spilled hot coffee on her lap after going to the drive-though at one of the franchises. This case became a poster child for corporations to propagandize against a citizen’s right to seek compensation for negligence.

The general public have been told by corporations and the media that these lawsuits effect our insurance costs and medical costs. Through this propaganda, citizens have voluntarily chosen to give away their constitutional right to seek justice because of lie perpetuated by giant corporations. In fact, here in Washington State, people voted to cap medical malpractice lawsuit awards to $250,000 through the misconception that it wil curtail rising healthcare costs. It became glaringly apparent that insurance companies had no intention of lowering costs to consumers. However, it was only through the proof that the policy was unconstitutional that it was repealed. This has since cascaded into many states that had previously passed similar measures.

The above trailer and documentary called Hot Coffee illustrates the power behind propaganda and struggle between reality and perception in the civil justice system. We encourage you to watch the trailer and see the documentary when it comes on November 1st. This will show you the process and the uphill battle it is for a normal citizen to take on a massive global corporation and the unscrupulous tactics the corporation will stoop to merely to save them from accountability for their actions and/or product.

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