Keep yourself safe during this wet condition


Washington State has experienced a rainy start to this summer 2012. Rain is in the forecast for this weekend, but how will this affect you? We took a look at statistics from the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration and have determined some of the leading factors in accidents, most being weather-related.

Elements contributing to accidents:


Approximately 6,301,000 vehicle accidents each year. Approximately 24% of these crashes are weather-related.

Annual Injury and Fatality Statistics

  1. Wet Pavement – Approx. 507,900 injuries and 5,500 fatalities
  2. Rain – Approx. 330,200 injuries and 3,300 fatalities
  3. Snow/Sleet – Approx. 70,900 injuries and 870 fatalities
  4. Ice – Approx. 62,700 injuries and 680 fatalities
  5. Slushy Pavement – Approx. 47,700 injuries and 620 fatalities
  6. Fog – Approx. 15,600 injuries and 600 fatalities

Wet Pavement:

Rain, sleet, snow, ice and slush are all factors contributing to slick or wet pavement. Approximately 5,500 deaths occur each year from wet pavement related accidents.

Slick Roads:

On average, 7,130 deaths and 629,000 injuries occur each year from slick road conditions. In wet road conditions it can take 10% to 25% longer to stop than in regular dry conditions due to lack of pavement friction.

Road Debris:

Wind-blown debris, flooding, and fog are all contributing factors to poor road visibility.

Driving on rainy roads is inevitable in Washington State so make sure to use extra caution and allow plenty of space between your vehicle and the next so you are able to stop before a collision occurs. Reduce your traveling speed during hazardous weather and always make sure your tires are properly maintained.

At 1,511,200 crashes, 629,300 injuries and 7,130 fatalities occurring annually weather poses a prominent safety risk.

Phillips Law Firm wants you to be as safe as possible on the roads. For more road safety tips, please check out the best practices for road weather management.