On Halloween evening, a truck collided with at least nine other vehicles along the 9200 block of Rainier Avenue South.  According to witnesses, the truck was barreling down the street like a pinball.  A Seattle family unfortunately felt the wrath and furry of the out of control truck.  The family, however, was fortunate enough to survive the incident.

“I Wish it was a Dream”

Eric Arteaga, his wife, and their two small boys left their south Seattle home on October 31st for, what was thought, a fun night of trick-or-treating.  Mr. Arteaga was driving the family’s Toyota Tacoma.  He was traveling along the 9200 block of Rainier Avenue South.  Henry Arteaga, age 4, was sitting in the back seat wearing a fire chief costume.  His older brother, Enzo, sat next to him pretending to be a ninja.

Mr. Arteaga recalls driving and observing, in front of him, what looked like a car hitting a tree.  He began to change lanes; but, in an instant everything went blank.  “I didn’t even have a chance to react,” said Mr. Arteaga, “the next thing I remember is blinking and seeing maybe the dashboard.”

According to authorities, the collision resulted after a truck driver lost control of his vehicle.  The truck collided with at least nine other cars (including the Arteaga’s Tacoma), before it came to a rest against a tree.  The driver was traveling at speeds in excess of 65 m.p.h.

For the Arteaga family, the collision caused their Tacoma to topple over onto its side.  The collision was so severe that firefighters had to cut out part of the Tacoma to rescue the family.  According to Mr. Arteaga, “I wish it was a dream.”  According to his wife, Fara Arteaga, “It was terrifying. It was terrifying.  It was bigger than any feeling that I’ve ever had.”

As a result of the crash, both Mr. Arteaga and his son Henry suffered concussions.  Mrs. Arteaga and the family’s older boy suffered cuts, bruises and bumps.  In total, nine people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital.  All of them are expected to be okay.

According to Seattle police, the driver of the truck was responsible for the crash.  He was arrested after the collision and taken to the hospital.  He was released following treatment.  His name has not yet been disclosed.  Detectives intend on conducting a thorough investigation before any decision is made about possible charges against him.

When Dreams Become Nightmares

In describing the events of the above crash, Mr. Arteaga stated, “I wish it was a dream.”  We’re certain that numerous motorists in Seattle, and the State of Washington, echo these same words when involved in an automobile collision.  Phillips Law Firm is concerned that these dreams never turn into nightmares.

Automobile accidents are very real; and, they can produce the most frightening of nightmares.  In the wake of an accident, a person’s life…an entire family…can be turned completely upside down.  Anxieties can grow severe.  Injuries can become painful.  Medical bills can mount.  Simplicities in life that you could once count upon can easily become burdens, complexities and chores.  These are the nightmares we speak of; and, these are the nightmares we want to avoid.

Phillips Law Firm is not just about providing legal representation to personal injury victims.  Don’t get us wrong.  The attorneys at our firm stand 110% behind providing exceptional legal assistance and client representation.

But, they do more.  They listen.  They look for ways to help heal.  They look for ways to help rebuild a life or family. They try and compensate for injuries and damages.  These passionate attorneys are here for you.  If you have suffered injuries in an automobile accident, simply contact them today.  They stand ready and willing to assist you and provide you with the justice you deserve.