While we all probably have our own opinion on this topic, a recent study suggests Seattle motorists need some help.  A few minor adjustments or some slight tinkering may not suffice.  According to Allstate Insurance’s “America’s Best Drivers Report,” Seattle ranks 173rd among 200 U.S. cities in terms of safe driving.  A rank of 173 kind of means we stink at driving; and, it suggests that much improvement is necessary to make our roadways safer.

“America’s Best Drivers Report”

Allstate released its report in the waning days of August.  The report is an annual report based on Allstate’s claims data.  The study essentially analyzes data regarding driving collisions for 200 of America’s most populated, and popular, cities.

Let’s bow our heads in shame for a moment.  Allstate’s study shows that Seattle drivers are 36 percent more likely than the national average to get into an accident.  The report measures accidents in terms of years between collisions.  So, for example, the report shows that, on average, drivers in the U.S. go 10 years between experiencing an automobile collision.  Seattle drivers go 7.4 years between collisions.  This figure places us in the top third of the most dangerous cities for driving in America.

No, we can’t lift our heads yet.  In a similar report conducted for 2012, Seattle ranked 154th among 200 U.S. cities.  In 2013, Seattle ranked 160th.  Now, we’re at a very shameful 173rd.  Let’s face it.  Our driving is not improving.  According to Allstate, we’re getting worse.

Are we the worst drivers in the Northwest?  We may have some positive news here…well, kind of.  In 2013, Seattle did rank as the most dangerous city for driving in America’s Northwest.  Once again, we ranked 160th.  Our closest competitor was Portland, which ranked at 154th.

This year’s statistics show that Portland drivers are 37.2 percent more likely than the national average to have a collision.  Yes, this is actually worse than Seattle.  Allstate’s report for 2014 places Portland at 177th in its rankings.  This means we can proudly hand off our “worst driver in the Northwest” trophy to the City of Roses.

Just for kicks, let’s look at the best, and worst, drivers in the nation.  According to Allstate’s report for 2014, the safest drivers in America reside in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The worst drivers can be found in Worcester, Massachusetts.


What Should We Learn from Allstate?

There are three important things we should take away from Allstate’s annual study.  The first is that maybe we’re not that bad on the roadways.  Allstate’s study was based upon its own crash data.  However, the company only sells approximately 10 percent of the nation’s automobile insurance policies.  Thus, if the claims data for all of the nation’s insurance policies were analyzed, maybe we’d filter out a tad better.


Even if the Allstate report is based on only a small pool of claims data, we should still give it some weight.  Once we do, there is no denying we rank at a bleak 173rd for driver safety.  Further, this ranking has worsened over the short time period of two years.  This brings us to our second lesson.  We need to start squaring ourselves away when it comes to driving safely.  Dangerous driving conditions do not lie in anyone’s best interests.  Let’s better protect ourselves, and others motorists in Seattle, by working a little harder at becoming more responsible behind the steering wheel.


As far as lesson number three goes, we have to note that increased car accidents in any one region results in greater scrutiny from insurance companies as they consider reimbursements and settlements for automobile claims.  Given our embarrassing ranking, insurance companies will likely review automobile insurance claims with greater detail for Seattle drivers.  This means Seattle drivers have a greater need to hire an experienced personal injury firm following an automobile accident.


Seattle definitely didn’t pan out too well in Allstate’s latest study.  However, don’t let this result in added stress and difficulty when working with your insurance company following an automobile collision.  Let our firm assist.  The Phillips Law Firm is comprised of a talented team of bright and successful attorneys that has been helping collision victims for years.  Do the smart thing if you’ve been involved in an automobile accident…contact us and let us fight for the justice you deserve.