Spinal Cord Injuries


It has long been unknown just how quickly degeneration of the spinal cord begins after a traumatic injury. A new, joint research effort between the University of Zurich, University Hospital Balgrist, and colleagues from University College London now have proof that shows patients already have irreversible tissue loss in the spinal cord within forty days. A spinal cord injury affects the functional state and structure of the brain and spinal cord. This can impact your ability to carry out everyday functions, such as walking and dressing yourself, performing duties of your job, and supporting your family. In the past, it was assumed that these degenerative changes took years to develop. New research, however, shows that these changes occur within forty days of an acute spinal cord injury. In the joint study, scientists evaluated thirteen patients with acute spinal cord injuries every three months for one year using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) protocols. Through this technique, it was learned that the diameter of the spinal cord had rapidly decreased and was already seven percent smaller after just twelve months. In nerve cells in the sensorimotor cortex and in the corticospinal tract, a tract which is essential for motor control, a lesser volume decline was also detected. The degree of degenerative changes was in direct correlation to the clinical outcome. For example, patients with less tissue loss were able to recover more effectively than those who had more extensive tissue loss. The key to reducing tissue loss and launching a successful recovery from an acute spinal cord injury is quick action. Gaining a deep and accurate understanding of the natural processes of repair and recovery within the first year is crucial. With the use of new neuroimaging protocols it is now possible to display the effect of therapeutic treatments on the central nervous system and of rehabilitative measures more quickly than ever before.

Seattle Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

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