The Ground-Breaking Invention for the Style-Conscious Bicyclist

Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin of Sweden have invented the long-awaited “invisible” bike helmet. Invented to remain invisible unless activated in an accident, it is a helmet solution for those who find traditional helmets uncomfortable or unstylish. A newly implemented law in Sweden requiring children to wear helmets sparked inspiration in Haupt and Alstin to create a bicycle helmet that people would want to wear out of choice instead of requirement.

What is the Invisible Helmet?

The “invisible helmet” invention is called the Hövding, a collar equipped with an air bag that is worn around the neck. The collar looks somewhat like a jacket hood with deploys in a fraction of a second when the accident sensor is triggered by unnatural movement. Intact with a removable liner you can even mix and match the collar to your shirt for fashion-forward safety!

While some worry that the helmet’s airbag may not have a quick enough deployment time, the inventors have recorded that the Hövding has protected 20/20 bicyclists in real life accident cases thus far. Some even consider the Hövding safer than a traditional helmet because the airbag is thought to have a much softer interior than a traditional helmet.

How does the Invisible Helmet work?

The accident sensors are a combination of accelerometers and gyroscopes, which are programmed to recognize what is thought to be abnormal movement by the user.

Inside the collar there is a “black box” intact with the technology to collect data for review in the event the air bag is deployed. The information from the “black box” will be then be reviewed by the Hövding makers, Alva, to determine the cause of the accident.

Where can I get my own Invisible Helmet?

United States testing for the Hövding has yet to commence. We encourage everyone to wear a proven safety helmet in the meantime. If you would like learn more about the Hövding you can find more information on the website

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