Car Accident Brain Injury

One of the most horrific injuries a Seattle car accident victim can suffer is a traumatic brain injury. These injuries have the ability to significantly impact an individual’s quality of life in a way that few injuries can. If the brain injury is severe, Seattle families can suddenly find themselves struggling financially to care for injured loved ones.

The CDC estimates that in the United States, the total cost of acute care and rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury victims is $9 to $10 billion per year. While staggering, this number does not even take into account the billions of dollars families lose in the form of lost earnings and lost productivity for family members who must now devote their lives to caring for their loved one.  If you add up the direct and indirect costs, it is estimated that traumatic brain injuries cost $76.5 billion a year in the United States.

Roughly 1.7 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury every year. This can occur as a mild concussion or as a more severe closed head injury. Initial brain trauma after a car accident can cost families up to $162,000 and 2 weeks of rehabilitation another $60,000. Yet severe brain injury victims do not heal in a matter of weeks. Thus, families can expect that number to grow astronomically over time as additional hospitalizations, surgeries, and long-care facilities become necessary.

The Brain Injury Association of America estimates that over a lifetime, traumatic brain injury victims can cost up to $1.8 million. This includes occupational therapies, long-term care, refitting a home for handicap accessibility, and subsequent brain surgeries.

Sadly, traumatic brain injuries account for one-third of all injury related deaths in the United States ever year. The elderly and the very young are at an increased risk for sustaining such injuries, as are adolescent males who may take unnecessary risks.

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