Spinal Injury - Seattle Accident AttorneysSeattle accident victims who sustain spinal cord injuries may have reason to cheer. According to Tufts Medical Center experts, complete paralysis from a broken neck may not always be permanent—and in most cases it isn’t. Unless the spinal cord nerve is completely severed, many spinal cord injury victims can regain some of their movements and feeling again.

After an accident, the spinal cord can be injured, causing swelling, bruising, and bleeding. Yet within 3-6 months, some of the paralysis can improve as the swelling decreases. The bony vertebrae of the spine make the spinal cord difficult to sever, making many spinal cord injuries something victims can recover from, even if it is only partially.

Even when spinal cord injury victims are able to recover, however, the recovery process is slow and can take some time. With aggressive rehabilitation and physical therapy, many paralyzed victims can regain some of their mobility and motor skills. Yet for many, the recovery is never a complete process, and accident victims often find themselves dealing with loss of fine-motor skills years after their initial injury.

The care an accident victim receives immediately following a serious spinal cord injury can make a significant difference between complete paralysis and temporary paralysis. This is why it is so important for first responders to immobilize the neck and back immediately following an accident.

In the initial weeks and months following a spinal cord injury, it can be impossible for doctors, therapists, and victims to truly realize the full extent of the injury itself. As such, it is important to have an experienced Seattle injury attorney on your side from the moment you are injured. Insurance companies routinely offer spinal cord injury victims a fraction of what they need to fully recover—and they often make these offers quickly, when injured victims are at their most vulnerable. This is not by accident. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you and NEVER agree to a settlement without first speaking to a personal injury lawyer.

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