Warm summer weather is just about here in Seattle, and this means children of all ages will be spending more time outside and less time indoors playing video games and watching TV. While this outdoor activity is great for their bodies and their minds, it does bring an increase in childhood injuries. Children visit the Emergency Room more during the summer months than at any other time of the year. These visits range from minor broken bones and lacerations to more serious head and neck injuries. In 2004 alone, more than 2.4 million children went to the emergency room for injuries and 2,143 of those children died as a result of those injuries. By far, broken bones are the most common types of childhood injuries and can occur for a variety of reasons, including trampoline use, bicycle riding, playground equipment, and climbing trees. While many of these broken bones are easily fixed with a cast, some of these fractures are more serious and may require hospitalization and surgical intervention. Head injuries are another common childhood injury and can result from bicycle accidents, falls, and sporting collisions. Football, baseball, and other types of contact sports can result in concussions that if left untreated, can result in disabling symptoms and long-term trauma. Bicycle accidents and falls can cause more serious head injuries that can require emergency life-saving medical treatment and could result in permanent disability.

Preventing Seattle Summer Childhood Injuries

Helmets: Perhaps the single best way to prevent your child from being injured is to make sure they wear an appropriate helmet when riding their bikes, scooters, and participating in contact sports. Wearing a helmet could save your child’s life, especially if they fall suddenly or are hit by a moving vehicle. Playground Use: Another way to prevent your child from being injured is to monitor them on the playground and curb all inappropriate behavior. Children like to test limits and often use playground equipment inappropriately. Parents can help their children avoid injuries by teaching them the appropriate way to use playground equipment. Pool Safety: Another way parents can prevent devastating summer childhood injuries is to closely supervise children when they are swimming. Children should never be left alone while swimming and residential pools should always be gated and fenced in order to prevent accidental drowning. Even children who are avid swimmers should be supervised by a parent, adult, or lifeguard at all times.

Seattle Personal Injury Lawyers You Can Rely On

In spring and summer, childhood accidents are unfortunately very common. If your child is injured through the negligence of another person, it is important to seek legal help immediately. At Phillips Law Firm, we have successfully represented child accident victims in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Tacoma, and throughout the State of Washington. Call us today for a free case evaluation at 1-800-708-6000.