If you have recently been fired or wrongfully terminated, it is important to know your rights. After all, facing unemployment can be  very stressful and uncertainties about finding a new job can cause undue anxiety. Let our team of experienced employee rights lawyers help guide you through this difficult time and increase your chances of securing severance pay or negotiating the terms of your unemployment benefits.

What is “Wrongful Termination”?

The phrase “wrongful termination” refers to any instance where an employer fires or lays off an employee for any illegal reason. Illegal reasons may include:

  • Firing as discrimination based on age, race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or other prohibited factors
  • Firing as a breach of employment contract
  • Firing in retaliation for the employee having filed a complaint against the employer
  • Firing in violation of labor laws
  • Firing as a form of sexual harassment
  • Firings as  violations of public policy
  • and more

Severance Packages

Employers in Seattle and throughout Washington are not required to offer a severance package to an employee unless their contract requires it, or if the employee handbook indicates that the employer has set a precedent of doing so. If you have not been officially released yet, our experienced employee’s rights lawyers may be able to negotiate a severance package that includes appropriate compensation in exchange for a promise to waive any legal claims against the employer.

Your Legal Rights after a Wrongful Termination

The extent of the legal action that can be pursued following the wrongful termination of an individual’s employment depends greatly on the circumstances surrounding the termination. You should know that you have many more rights with respect to your job that include the right to receive a final paycheck, continue health insurance coverage and receive unemployment benefits.  Most individuals do not know about the benefits and safeguards put in place to protect those who have had their employment terminated.

If you or someone you love was fired or wrongfully terminated in Seattle, Bellevue, or anywhere in the State of Washington, call Phillips Law Firm at 1-800-708-6000. Our Washington employee rights lawyers are waiting to assist you 24/7, offering a free case evaluation. Remember our no fee promise. If we do not recover anything for you, you do not owe us an attorney fee.