A new lawsuit has Zoloft manufacturer, Pfizer, in the hot seat. According to plaintiff Laura Plumlee and her counsel, the drug Zoloft is as effective as a placebo or sugar pill. Their case is being tried in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Plumlee claims that she took Zoloft for three years without any noticeable impact on her depression. While these claims are not extraordinary, it seems that Pfizer may have withheld clinical studies that disputed its effectiveness. This alleged withholding of information now has Pfizer in hot water.

Pfizer of course denies these serious charges and has stated that “the lawsuit filed in California is groundless and is based largely on information….that has been widely criticized by many experts in the mental health field.”

The new lawsuit accuses Pfizer of consumer fraud and other serious criminal offenses, including paying prominent doctors to recommend Zoloft to colleagues. If Pfizer is found guilty of withholding clinical trial information, this could have serious ramifications for the company and for consumers across the country. Antidepressants are the 9th most popular type of prescribed medicine and annual sales top $20 billion worldwide.

Zoloft: More Harm than Good?

Zoloft is already under scrutiny after the FDA warned that using Zoloft during pregnancy could lead to serious birth defects. In addition, Zoloft is known to lead to suicides and overdoses, making it a very serious and dangerous drug. Unfortunately, more than 37 million people in the United States are currently using Zoloft to treat mental conditions, such as depression. These serious lawsuits and recent allegations have caused many in the medical field to question the effectiveness of antidepressants on people with mild to moderate depression.

Zoloft Lawsuit Attorneys

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