Do all aftermarket motorcycle parts meet the current motorcycle safety and environmental standards? That’s the question being asked by dealers and motorcyclists across the country, and Rick Doyle is one such person. He realized a few years ago that some of the aftermarket products he was selling, such as mirrors, lights, and carburetors, actually appeared to violate the federal safety and emission standards. Even more scary was his realization that some of those aftermarket parts appeared to be downright dangerous for motorcyclists.

While customizing motorcycles has been valued for generations, some of these customizations may actually make your motorcycle more dangerous and may not comply with federal safety standards. These customizations, such as passenger seats stuck to motorcycles with suction cups, can cause serious and fatal motorcycle accidents. When Doyle realized that the frames he was selling had bad welds and improperly sized parts, some of the clutches were sticking, and many of the rear axles were too short, he immediately began questioning their safety and his role in selling these dangerous parts. He had customers who were thrown from their bikes by ruptured tire tubes, axle nuts coming off, and sadly, one of his customers was even killed when an aftermarket part failed.

Dangerous and Defective Motorcycle Parts Still Being Sold

So, why are these dangerous aftermarket parts even sold? The answer is rather complex. With strict budgets and financial limitations, there are not many regulations regarding the use and manufacturing of aftermarket motorcycle parts. This leaves motorcyclists responsible for making their own decisions regarding what they put on their bike. In general, motorcyclists don’t want to be told what to do with their bikes—and rightfully so. So the burden continues to fall to the motorcyclist to remain informed as to what aftermarket parts may actually dangerous and unsafe. After all, motorcyclists are 25 times as likely to die in a crash as compared with passenger car occupants and 5 times as likely to be seriously injured.

As a motorcyclist, it is important to understand that not all aftermarket parts and accessories are safe. It is vital to inspect all of your parts carefully before adding anything to your motorcycle. There are always negligent manufacturers looking to make a quick dollar. As a result, they often rush manufacturing and end up selling a product that fails to meet federal safety standards. Not all parts are created equal, so use extra caution when buying or replacing aftermarket parts.

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