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Insurance Subrogation: What it Means and Why it Matters

Posted on September 24th, 2014

There are some words in the English language that are just ugly.  Consider, for example, “tax,” “cacophonous,” “functionality,” and “downsized.”  Whether it’s due to sound, meaning, or appearance, many would agree that these words are simply unfriendly or unpleasing. The term “subrogation” can arguably fit within a list of your top ten ugliest words.  It sounds weird.  The word itself appears complicated; and, its definition can prove upsetting or displeasing…especially if you’ve suffered damages in a car accident due to another driver’s fault.  Let’s take a further look at this word and see if we can remove some of its… [Read More]

Protected Bike Lanes Well Underway in Seattle

Posted on September 10th, 2014

If you haven’t noticed yet, something a bit different is emerging alongside several of Seattle’s roadways.  No, we’re not talking about foreign weeds or unsightly debris.  We’re talking about protected bike lanes; and as always, the Phillips Law Firm is here to ensure you understand all the pertinent facts. The Master Plan Seattle’s emerging new bike lanes are all part of a master plan…the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) to be precise.  The BMP is part of Seattle’s Department of Transportation’s (SDOT) overall plan to make Seattle’s streets safer and more accessible for bicyclists.  According to the SDOT website, Seattle’s new… [Read More]

Deciphering Your Auto Insurance Policy – What is UM and UIM?

Posted on September 3rd, 2014

Let’s start with a hypothetical.  Assume Shirley is driving her car down a Seattle residential road and comes to a four-way stop.  She stops her car.  She looks right.  No cars.  She looks left. She views one car approaching the intersection, driven by Joe, but the car is about 20 yards away from its own stop sign. Shirley continues forward assuming that Joe will stop his vehicle.  She gets half-way through the intersection before Joe strikes the left rear side of her auto.  Joe was obviously negligent because he failed to stop at a stop sign.  At the scene of… [Read More]

Who’s Responsible If Someone Hurts Themselves On My Property?

Posted on August 25th, 2014

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…the law can be complex and confusing.  This is especially true in the realm of personal injury matters.  By their very nature, these matters mean a person has been injured and someone must legally assume the blame or responsibility for any injuries caused.  Placing responsibility on a party is often not readily or easily accomplished. The Phillips Law Firm never wants it clients or injured persons to be left in a state of confusion.  This is why we’re dedicating some time once a month to examine personal injury scenarios and explain where… [Read More]

Insurance Bad Faith Claims

Posted on August 22nd, 2014

According to Woody Allen, “There are worst things in life than death.  Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance agent?”  Yes, insurance agents and insurance companies often get a bad wrap.  This is because many insureds, or persons covered by insurance, believe they are unfairly dealt with when they submit a claim under their policy. Unfair denials, poor settlement amounts, and lack of communication are just a few complaints many of us have when we are forced to deal with insurance carriers.  In this light, the term “bad faith” may sound like a perfect phrase to use when… [Read More]

Drunk Driver Steals Car, Collides with Valet and Bus, Then Stops in Front of SPD…What Was He Thinking!?

Posted on August 21st, 2014

It’s that time again when the Phillips Law Firm practices its dubious honor of highlighting a member in our community whose actions make us all cringe.  They make us cringe because the actions are unsafe.  They are careless.  They are foolish.  They place people’s lives in danger. Rooted in our firm’s values is a belief in justice.  We believe in it and also work tirelessly to achieve it for our clients.  Our work is simply made more difficult when others act irresponsibly.  To help deter this irresponsible conduct, we believe it useful to emphasize those actions that should be avoided,… [Read More]

ABA Says Lawyers Can Snoop on Social Media Sites

Posted on August 18th, 2014

If you’re headed to jury duty anytime soon, please know that your “tweets” and Facebook posts may have some new followers.  You probably have never met these people, but they sure want to learn all about you…from your age and gender to your thoughts and opinions.  Sound intrusive?  Well maybe, but the American Bar Association (ABA) has recently decided that lawyers can snoop on a juror’s social media sites. The ABA Ruling According to the ABA, it’s now ethical for lawyers to view and examine the publicly available social media posts of prospective and actual jurors.  This means a juror’s… [Read More]

VA Says More than 57,000 Veterans Waiting for Medical Care

Posted on August 15th, 2014

The Phillips Law Firm strongly supports the men and women of our Armed Forces.  We honor their strength, dedication and commitment with enduring warmth and compassion.  Further, just as we believe that all citizens have the right of access to the courts, we also firmly believe that our injured veterans should have the right of access to quick and quality medical care. A recent internal audit, however, shatters our excpectations as to good and efficient medical care for our veterans; and, it has us angered.  The audit was performed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and it shockingly revealed… [Read More]

Lake Washington Boat Crash Proves Fatal

Posted on August 13th, 2014

Residents of Seattle and the greater King County area are exposed, daily, to news about dangerous accidents that cause injury or even death.  Many of us instantly assume these accidents pertain to motor vehicles.  The truth of the matter, however, is that we live in the Pacific Northwest where lakes, rivers, and waterways abound.  For us, dangerous accidents are not limited to automobiles.  Accidents involving boats frequently occur and they can also prove fatal. One Killed, Two Injured in Lake Washington Boat Crash On July 16, at approximately 10:30pm, two boats collided on Lake Washington.  The collision occurred just off… [Read More]

Do Washington’s “Drive High, Get a DUI” Commercials Really Work?

Posted on August 7th, 2014

On July 8th, Deb Greene, a 65-year old grandmother, walked into the store Cannabis City and legally purchased two bags of marijuana.  The purchases are significant for they mark the first bags of marijuana legally sold for recreational purposes in Seattle.  Yes, a march that started as Washington Initiative 502 is finally coming to fruition and the legal sale of marijuana is well underway in the greater King County area. Despite your specific stance on this issue, the legal sale of marijuana is now producing a myriad of issues that Seattle must come to grips with in the name of… [Read More]

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